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Sewage Treatment Plants - Tricel Novo

Sewage Treatment Plants

Septics Direct is a supplier of Tricel wastewater & sewage treatment plants.

Tricel Novo sewage treatment plant Installation of a Tricel Novo sewage treatment plant Novo sewage treatment plant installed - minimum impact on your garden

The Tricel Novo is a wastewater treatment plant suitable for domestic, commercial or communal use.

With a Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plant, you get an outstanding product for wastewater and sewage treatment. Tricel wastewater treatment plants come with full European certification (EN12566-3), are easy to install and maintain and have low running costs.

Benefits of the Tricel Novo:

- The tank is made out of SMC. SMC is the most advanced technology to manufacture composites products. This technology gives to our tanks an incredible resistance and longevity. SMC is so exceptional and so weather resistant, that even under critical climatic conditions, our products remain without any defects.

- The compressor and the ceramic diffuser that Tricel is using for the Novo are some of the best products on the market available. Therefore, they will last longer than products used by competitors.

- No concrete backfill on most sites, so the price of the installation is reduced compared to competitors.

- Designed to reduce the duration & cost of installation.

- Tricel wastewater treatment plants are available for up to 50 persons.

Key features:

  • Energy efficient & reliable technology
  • Very low maintenance & running costs
  • Straight forward installation process
  • Certified to EN12566-3
  • Strong & robust SMC shallow dig tank
  • No concrete backfill on most sites, easy to install
  • No moving parts exposed to wastewater
  • Dedicated de-sludge pipe
  • Integrated pumped outlets available on all systems
  • Long lasting ceramic diffuser
How does a Tricel Novo sewage treatment plant work?
How does a Tricel Novo work - View video