Technical information Air blowers and Air compressors for sewage treatment plants


We sell air blowers/compressors for the purpose of using them in a wastewater treatment tank but they could aerate ponds/fish tanks, etc. The output of the pump would dictate the size required.

For air blowers/compressors with a diaphragm, you can remove & replace the diaphragm and filters.

For air blowers such as the Medo range which doesn't use a diaphragm, the air filter is the only part to change.

If your air blower/compressor is not functioning correctly, the quicker it is replaced the better. Indeed, the air blower/compressor helps the bacteria in the tank without bacteria the tank is not as effective.

Yes, the diaphragms and filters are sold separately. The diaphragms are sold in a set of 2, the filter sponges are sold separately.

All of our air blowers/compressors do come with a plug.

Some are 2 pin (European/World) others are 3 pin (UK).

  • Our Medo air blowers/compressors come with a 3 pin plug suitable for UK/Ireland.
  • Our Charles Austen air blowers/compressors come with a 3 pin plug suitable for UK/Ireland.
  • Our Secoh air blowers/compressors come with a 2 pin plug (Euro/world). We advise you to replace with a three pin plug or use an adaptor, (neither of them are supply with... Read more

If you are looking for a replacement air blower/compressor for your sewage treatment plant, you should check the air flow from your current air blower and find a replacement air blower/compressor with matching litres per minute output.

Normally, the air blowers/compressors have the details of their input on them. You will then find this information in all our air blowers/compressors under "Air flow", the air flow is between 60l/min and 200l/min.

If you do not have... Read more