Medo air pumps (air blowers or air compressors) for aeration of your sewage treatment plant or fish pond

Aeration for wastewater treatment plants

The process of aeration consists of adding air into the wastewater. In wastewater treatment plants, the aeration process is crucial to the performance of the system. Indeed, the naturally occurring aerobic bacteria or microorganisms require air to develop and treat the wastewater. Proper aeration guarantees economical and effective wastewater treatment.

The air blowers such as the Medo air pumps, supply the wastewater treatment plant with the required air flow as specified by the wastewater treatment plant manufacturer.

Watch video of “how a Tricel Novo wastewater treatment plant works.

Aeration for fish ponds such as Koi ponds

As the bacteria in wastewater need air to develop and live, plants and fish also require air to breathe, grow and to thrive. Moreover, aeration improves the general health of your pond. The aeration of a pond provided by a pump, such as the Medo air pump, moves water throughout the pond and circulates it.

Aeration in ponds is required particularly in cases of:

  • Warm weather, when the consumption of oxygen increases in the ponds as fish are more active.
  • During night time as plants consume oxygen at night.
  • A high fish population level requires a high level of aeration.

Why should you aerate your fish pond?

  • It reduces pond muck.
  • It improves water quality.
  • It increases dissolved oxygen levels.
  • It eliminates the thermocline (the border between the warmer surface water and the colder, deeper water).
  • It reduces the risk of a fish kill.

About Medo air pumps

Designed and manufactured by the Janapese company Nitto Kohki, the Medo air compressors are efficient and reliable. They feature a linear piston pump which provides constant airflow over the life of the air blower.

The LA range of Medo air blowers is

  • Robust Quiet (low noise)
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great performance and lifetime
  • Housed in a weatherproof casing - resistant to rust and corrosion

How does the Medo air pumps work?

The air compressor has an internal piston inside the cylinder which is driven by an electromagnet.

What happens inside the Medo air compressor?

  • The electromagnet when activated attracts the piston against the return spring.
  • The air flows in the cylinder through the inlet valve.
  • The electromagnet is deactivated, and the return spring pushes the piston back.
  • The compressed air exits the cylinder through the outlet valve.

The Medo air blower is quiet and vibration free, provides excellent performance, has a long life and it’s also easy to maintain.

Medo air pumps range on SepticsDirect

The range includes:

Please refer to each product page for the full specification of each pump available.

The pages include:

  • Sketch drawing and dimensions diagram
  • Air Flow Characteristics
  • A link to the technical data sheet

What type of plug comes supplied with the Medo air blowers?

We, at SepticsDirect, supply the Medo air compressors with a 3 pin plug suitable for UK and Ireland.

Maintenance of Medo air pumps

As mentioned previously, the Medo air pumps are easy to maintain.

See below link to maintenance videos, which you might find useful:

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